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Donation for school bus for vulnerable kids

Buying a school bus for vulnerable kids Transport and help them to reach at school Early in the Morning.

we have meet kids coming from too much far place to attend at our charity school because there is no school in their location.

Now we have come with the way of helping them through having a school van/bus at our charity school but we dont have funds to buy it.
The cost of the van/bus which will cary all of these children per one time is $12,821.

we have come with this Campaign for buying a School Van to save these Vulnerable kids who are walking more than 7Km (many miles) to Reach at school as there is no school at there living location, they always waking up early in the morning and start to walk to go at school at the time of 05:00Am and reach at school at time of 08:30Am.
and also even during evening after allow them to go back at home after studies, they reach at home at the time of 07:30Pm.

A little help from friends will go a long way in helping us achieve this objective goal of saving these young children and protecting them from
the following risks.

1.Dangerous animals which may harm these kids while crossing at the road themselves while coming at school during the morning,

2.Loosing morning lessons because they always meet other kids already study two morning lessons,

3.Too tired because of walking long miles while coming at school.

the timing for the milestone
is from April to december 2023.

we beg our friends to Join our movement to contribute towards our cause and make a difference in the lives of Vulnerable children of Tanzania.

Thank you so much

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