Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

Help and support can also be directed to children such as orphans and others with life difficulties studying in our school center

Glorious Foundation Tanzania offers educational services to orphans and all vulnerable children, up to now we have several orphans and vulnerable children at our Glorious Foundation Tanzania. Although we trying helping them as possible as we can, but some times we fail to provide to them some necessary requirements because of economical constraints.

“Child sponsorship means taking the educational responsibility of  child.”

Our sponsors playing an integral role in the child’s educational and skill development. If you sponsor a child at Glorious Foundation, you will receive updates like photos, a progress report card of your child at regular intervals. By sponsoring a child, you give a new start to a child, allow them to learn with the right opportunity. Your sponsorship enables us to provide long term care for children’s education and skill development


Child sponsorship includes